August 24, 2015


because you need more awkwardness in your life, right?

1. I would love to learn more Spanish. And if I could re-do college, I would minor or double-major in it. Although, people are often impressed my four years experience has taken me this far in work!

2. I collect cardigans, necklaces, rings, and scarves (among other things).

3. Speaking of collecting, I've had to stop myself from collecting cute containers, because I had wayyyy too many containers that I forgot what was (or wasn't!) inside.

4. I really want to try an real-life room escape adventure, which is weird because I consider myself a HUGE scaredy cat.

5. I use shoeboxes to store little trinkets, handwritten letters, and other mementos from my childhood (and yes, they're divided by school age, haha).

6. I have babysat/volunteered for/worked with preschoolers for half my life.

7. People confuse me for my older sister more now than when we were kids.

8. I do NOT like cilantro. No ifs, ands, or buts.

9. Not only do I consider myself a highly sensitive person and ISFJ, but I also think I have misophonia, too (loud breathing and loud chewing get to me every time).

10. When I was in middle school, I took a career quiz that came up with tattoo artist as a possible career path for me to follow.

What are YOUR quirks? Do we share any from this list (of from this one?)?

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