September 9, 2015


I always have a wishlist going. From clothes I'd like, to camera gear I'd love to own, and shoes that would look great on my feet.

I think it's natural and human to want more, to crave and desire. But I think it all depends on what you want more of.

More often than not, I struggle with materialism. I may be a natural saver when it comes to money, but I still have those feelings of want. More of this, a little more of that. And it's not always financial.

I mean, if we're completely honest here, I would love to have a boyfriend and wouldn't mind having a few more skills and tricks of the trade, too.

But are these things ultimately going to make me happy? I think you and I both know the answer to that, especially if you grew up watching VeggieTales and remember Madame Blueberry (am I aging myself yet?). They may be good in the short run, but in the long run, they just keep that vicious materialistic cycle going.

These things, these earthly goods, are good. I believe they bring happiness, but not eternal JOY. They won't ultimately fulfill us and bring us contentment. And sometimes I struggle with accepting that. I struggle with remembering, believing, and living that. I struggle with thinking that when I come across a pretty necklace or cute mug.

So what combats that desire? I believe that gratitude, grace, and God do. They're not the things that I would naturally run towards, but I'm a sinner, remember?

And even though I still struggle, I know that it's important to share these little moments because no one is perfect. And we're all meant to share our stories--even the ones we're not so proud of.

How do YOU combat the desire for more?

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