September 23, 2015


Sometimes kids say the cutest things. Am I right?

While outside, two kids started chatting about the sun that was ducking in out of of clouds. When the sun hid behind a cloud, they exclaimed, "God, please bring back the sun!" A few moments later, the sun came back out and they shouted, "THANK YOU GOD!"

Kiddo: "Look! I drew a really FAT heart!"

I get invites to houses, vacations, and the like and it's quite honestly the sweetest thing ever. Just recently, a kiddo invited me on his family vacation--telling me that he was going to miss me so I could come along. If only life was that easy!

Kiddo: *Sigh* "All teachers do is talk and talk and talk..."

Kiddo: After I tricked him by saying I was a kid, too, a kiddo said, "Hahaha, you are a really good joker."

Kiddo: "I'm going to help my mom change diapers...but NOT the dirty poopy ones!"

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