September 28, 2015


Oh, good golly, life is tough. And life has been tough for me lately. Normally, I hop on over here and write it out, but it's been a struggle these past few weeks. There have been so many changes and as I'm already in a season with change, I feel like the ground beneath me is constantly shaking. Which, as many of you know, is something I do not enjoy.

I physically feel the stress, too. My back feels old, my desire for sleep is even greater, and it's been tough.

But there have been good moments in the midst of it all. I've learned who to trust, who I can confide in, who I can turn to when I struggle. I know that my heart and passion is still there for teaching and that kids will always make me smile. Don't get me wrong, they'll make me cry in frustration, too, but mostly, just smiles and laughter.

Above all else, I've also learned that I need to find support in God. Humans will fail me. People will make rude comments. They'll forget their manners. And they'll choose pride over seeking forgiveness. No matter how good they may try to be, people will disappoint you.

But our God does not. He never fails. His love is unconditional. His faithfulness is real. He cares for you, He's there for you, and He'll never leave you alone. He will lift you up, whispering truths and promises into your mind and heart.

And all He asks is for your heart and hand. A heart to open up to be vulnerable and a hand to lead through each and every season of life.

So even though the ground beneath me is shaking, I know my God is not. He is my constant and during this season of change, I'm grateful I've got Him here with me.

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