October 26, 2015


image by my lovely friend, Aubrey.

I believe I haven't written one of these posts in awhile. To be honest, I stopped writing them because I wasn't feeling they were doing very well comment-wise. But then I remembered that this post isn't necessarily for others as much as it is for me to remember and really just dedicate some time and thought into.

My word of the year is so much more than just a blog post and comments. Dedicating time and thought to it is a reminder of my faith, my actions, and my choices in life. And most importantly, it humbles me and pushes me to believe even more. 

In this busy season of transitions and adjustments with my job, I've realized just how important faith and the act of believing is to my life and ability to cope. 

I've been through ups and downs, victories and regrets, and days when the tears just rolled right down my cheeks. 

And it was in my lowest moments when I felt God pushing me to believe. 

To believe that there is a season for everything. 

That faith will get me through it all.

That I'm here, experiencing these changes because I believed He would get me through it. 

And that I need to believe He still will. 

So I pray and hope you know these truths. That you would know that no matter what you're feeling, whether you're struggling or not, that He's there for you. And that you've just got to believe that better times are coming. 

Because they are. 

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