October 7, 2015


EATING apples, apples, and more apples. Dried apples and fresh apple cider from the farmer's market, juicy Honeycrisp apples for lunch, and apples that add in some extra flavor in baked goods. I can't get enough of them!

EXPLORING the trails near my house. Getting fresh air is a must for my weekends since the weather is still dry and sunny!

WEARING sweaters all day, every day. Enough said.

ADMIRING all of the gorgeous fall changes! After my run on Saturday morning, I realized just how quickly fall sets in around here. The leaves are changing, the apples on my trees are ripening, and there are pumpkins everywhere! Fall is definitely my fave.

COLLECTING papers to grade? And on a more exciting note, pretty pens to grade with! #lifeofateacher

JOINING Jenna and Anne for another round of Currently Link-ups. Thanks again, ladies!

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