October 12, 2015


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I was having dinner with my extended family, and at one point, my grandma asked me about my job and the new school year. Trying to be light-hearted yet honest, I laughed that it was not going as smoothly as I had hoped. She smiled and offered her (and my grandpa's) help in the classroom sometime. I smiled, because her willingness to help was more than I ever expected.
And then she offered to pray for me. 

And in that moment, I felt so much relief.

I've never been much of an open person, but as I get older and get tested in different situations, I've found myself opening up more and sharing more about my life and my struggles--and it's not just age, it's blogging and blog friends, too. While it's not something I willingly do, it's something I've found is crucial to my well-being.

So I just have to say that even if your faith is waning, or if you're not much of Jesus person, there are moments in your life when you need support. When you need a prayer. And if you let someone help you out, you'll feel His presence.

I also write this to thank you for supporting me. To thank you for your thoughts, your sweet words, and your grace (especially as I've found myself popping in only once or twice a week!). Y'all mean so much to me.

Lastly, I write this to offer myself to pray and support you. To email back and forth, to listen to your tears. It's one of the things I loooooove to do most and even if we've never met in person, I want to be there for you because you've been here for me.

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