November 4, 2015


COOKING dinner with my mom. It's kind of the best, too.

PLANNING for summer. I know it's way too early to do this, but the early bird does catch the worm, right?

SHOPPING for new glasses! I have always been a one pair kind of girl but lately I've had my eyes on these and would love to have a second pair to wear!

SMELLING scented markers with my preschoolers. They always make drawing and writing so much more fun!

APPRECIATING my family. I love filling my weekends with shopping trips around town, watching movies together, going hiking, and eating together at dinner with my family. Quality time is my love language and spending time together is my fave.

ANTICIPATING Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever. From the yummy food, cozy and warm house filled with family and conversation, to the start of the holiday season. Thanksgiving is the best--especially because stuffing is involved.

JOINING Anne and Jenna for another round of fun. You can, too!

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