January 6, 2016


RESOLVING TO learn more. I'd love to learn how to cook more, spend more time reading, and just spend time learning more about myself and those around me.

READING The Introvert's Way and Get Lost. And I'd recommend them both! The first is a book all about introverts and what I've learned most is just how important it is to accept your personality and who you were made to be--introvert or extrovert! And the second book has pointed me again and again to Jesus and convinced me of my need to spend more time with Him, too.

ORGANIZING my closet. I've been using shoe boxes to hold onto mementos and stuff and finally caved and bought pretty white storage bins. Let's just say the consistency and simplicity helps me sleep better at night.

LOVING my new word for the year. 

CRAVING more photography adventures. I got some new lenses for Christmas and I've been craving a fun adventure to take photos--anyone want to come along with me?

LINKING UP WITH the always lovely Anne and Jenna. Thanks again for a fun link-up!

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