February 3, 2016


SENDING text messages (with emojis, of course!) to loved ones. It's definitely not as great as a handwritten letter, but it does the trick for when I'm short on time.

EATING cold oatmeal. I didn't think I would enjoy eating them for breakfast, but with some almond milk, cinnamon, a little honey, and frozen fruit, it makes the perfect breakfast!

DREAMING about Spring Break. I'm hoping to go on a little road trip and am so excited for the chance to get out of town for a few days!

grapefruit--I cannot get enough of the smell of citrus right now!

HEARTING jewelry created using your own handwriting. Wouldn't it make the perfect Valentine's Day gift?

BEGINNING Project Life. I've been wanting to try it for awhile now and finally broke down and bought a few albums and have been printing photos like crazy. Any tips or tricks to share with this newbie?

JOINING Jenna and Anne. Thanks for another great list of prompts and link-up, ladies!

What are YOU up to?

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