February 29, 2016


belated birthday present.

spring-ish sunsets are my fave.
blooms, blooms, everywhere!
prepping for next term.

my happy corner.

my favorite flowers at work.

my favorite project yet.
We're two months into 2016 and the sun's been shining, my running shoes have been getting way more wear, and the flowers are even starting to bloom. Spring has hit early around here and I'm not complaining (at least not until we have to move our clocks forward!).

February taught me that surprises are good, that kid hugs are still the best, and that sometimes you've just got to let go and live one day at a time. I got to take more photos with my camera, go on walks with co-workers, and just feel the love of February.

What did you learn/see/do this past month?

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