February 16, 2016


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Happy February and Happy Belated Valentine's Day, too! It's a lovely time of year, right? I've honestly never been a huge fan of Valentine's Day, but I'll take any excuse to celebrate my loved ones, friends, family, and my blogging lovelies, too!

This month, my co-host and I are hosting our own blogger Valentine's Day party, much like those in elementary school (minus the cooties and conversation hearts). We've made our own mailboxes and are excited to leave some love notes on your blog when you link-up! But before we get to that, let me introduce my co-host!

One of the things that I like most about my co-host is her creative spirit. She's got an amazing Instagram feed and I love that her artwork is not only a creative outlet, but often a chance for her to share her faith, too. She's an inspiring one, that's for sure!

Tawni Sattler is the voice behind THE LIFE IN BETWEEN, a faith-based, creative lifestyle blog. If you need her, you can find Tawni drinking coffee and eating ice cream somewhere in Vienna while she paints, letters, or doodles her way through the day. She'll also most likely have a noisy kid or two hanging off of her at any given time.


So this month, we're sharing a cute little mailbox that we've created and then we'll leave our comments open for bloggers to leave some love or valentines--but here's the thing, you shouldn't just link up without leaving love.

If you're going to participate, I hope you decide to GIVE and not just receive. Help spread the love, okay? 


It's your turn to link-up! Grab a button, enter in your link, and if you do link-up, please visit and leave a valentine for at least THREE other bloggers. This isn't just a chance to promote your blog, it's a chance to meet others, too! Thanks for joining in and have fun!

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Next month, on Wednesday, March 16th, we're going to share our Spring Break plans, dreams, and goals--with the opportunity to add in any places you'd like to go see or places that you've already booked a ticket to travel to! We want to know what you're up to for Spring break and if you have any goals for Spring in general. No worries if you're not traveling anywhere, goals like starting your garden or a dream to go to Hawaii counts, too! The sky is the limit, right?

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