March 4, 2016


Cheers to the weekend, friends! Aside from grading papers, I'm hoping to get some time in to crank up Taylor Swift and get some writing done. Some for the blog, some for journaling, and some just for fun. I've been craving some good writing time and I'm hoping this will be the weekend for that. What are your plans?

Which side of your brain is most dominant? I surprisingly got an exact 50/50 split.

Decorating tips for your Myers-Briggs type--such an interesting read!

How to write the perfect Instagram caption.

This is my kind of sweet treat.

And the sweetest video ever.

And this is likely the funniest one I've seen in a long time.

4 ways to grow as a writer.

There's so much truth in this one pin.

Oh, nostalgia. 

Have a great one!

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