March 30, 2016


homemade granola bars.
kid drawings are the best (that's me, btw!)
favorite spring reads (for kids and teachers!).

some of my faves.

springtime presents from work. 

pnw beauty (the waterfall, of course).


...And just like that, it's already the end of March! March was filled with rain one day, sunshine the next. Which made for very muddy recesses for work but it also brought about tons of blooms--those grape hyacinths are definitely some of my faves to find around the neighborhood.

I filled up March by reading this book (which is SO good and I hope to write more about it soon!), getting hugs and drawings from kiddos at work, and learning so much more about myself as a person, believer, and teacher.

March was full of adventure, too. I took my first train ride (which was a long, quiet ride), plane flight (traveling by myself), and got to see more PNW beauty. The weather was spectacular, too, making my trip even better.

So far, 2016 has been treating well because March was wonderful. And now I'm excited to see what April holds!

What did you learn/see/do in March?

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