March 7, 2016


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For as long as I've been alive, I've been a planner. I love organization, order, and timeliness. I like to follow routines and schedules and any kind of change typically throws me off (which is why I thrive in early education--because kids are the same way!).

So when life throws me curveballs--whether it's a surprise party, a new kid added to my class list, an unfortunate change in plans, or a new set of shoes--I tend to take awhile to adjust to them.

Being comfortable is always easier, right? I mean, we thrive off of consistency because we can always expect what will happen next. I know it's a weakness of mine and it's because change is just so hard. I like to hold onto what I know is true--so when things change, my whole world does as well.

But comfort and predictability isn't what I was called to have and live with in life. While I think it's important to find comfort in life, it doesn't mean that I'm called to stay comfortable just because it's easier. Life as a believer, in particular, is not meant to be that way. Our lives were never guaranteed to be easy and simple.

Because if life was easy and predictable like that, we'd have no need for Jesus, amen? 

So even though it's hard and I still struggle with change on a daily basis, I know that God's got patience with me. God doesn't waver, He's always there right beside me and ready to catch me when I fall. He's got great plans for us all, even if they're not the plans we predicted.

Sometimes life challenges you to let go and live--and while it's hard, it can also be extremely rewarding. Especially when you remember that God's got your best in mind.

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