April 27, 2016


April started off with April Fool's Day jokes from preschoolers (who joked that they weren't wearing underwear and that they ate their classmates) and lots of sunny weather. The pollen covered my car, flowers popped up everywhere (except my car, haha), I got to go running after work thanks to Daylight Savings, and I got to wear shorts(!) and sunglasses, too.

We celebrated my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary this month (even though they actually got married on St. Patrick's Day!) and it was a sweet reminder of how love endures. They've both lived incredible lives (serving the country, living in Japanese internment camps, going to school while parenting, among many other things), but have lived their lives with strength and endurance. I especially admire just how well my grandma cares for my grandpa. Their marriage definitely warrants a goal hashtag!

I ended the month smelling like campfires and loving every minute of the new fire pit in the backyard. There's nothing like good conversation, family selfies, and roasted marshmallows!

What did you do, learn, see, and/or eat this month?

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