April 6, 2016


READING Breaking Busy by Alli Worthington. I just got it over Spring Break and it's probably the book I've needed to read all my life. I only just started but I definitely recommend it!

ON THE LOOKOUT FOR cute sneakers! I like to wear sneakers at work and am on the lookout for comfy ones that look cute with skinny jeans--which, if you ask me, is one of the hardest things to style!

CLEANING my desk at work. With a new term, new student teachers, end-of-the-year paperwork, and summer on my brain, my desk has become crazy full. A little spring cleaning is much needed!

POSTING flowers, flowers, and more flowers (follow me on Instagram if you want to see them!). Can't enough of them!

TASTING (aka SIPPING) iced chai lattes. I've fallen in love with them recently and can't get enough of them. My sister made one for me with soy milk (almond milk is good, too!) and a little bit of vanilla syrup with lots of ice. Somebody tell me why I didn't try them sooner?!

What are YOU up to this month?

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