April 4, 2016


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Call me crazy (or don't?), but I have high expectations. I've been told by my co-teacher that I set impossibly high standards on myself at work and if that wasn't enough, I'm also incredibly hard on myself, too. Which just perpetuates the ugly cycle of high expectations --> disappointment --> trying even harder.

I've also discovered that I tend to set pretty high standards for others, too. I may not say it (more on that, later), but I expect people to return my text messages. I expect people to reciprocate questions during conversations. I expect drivers in front of me to use their turn signals. And I expect the kids in my class to follow directions.

But like I mentioned earlier, I rarely voice these expectations. Which, if you can imagine, simply sets me up for failure once again. I mean, how can people honestly know what I expect and want if I don't tell them?

Well, I take that back. I may or may not tell fellow drivers to use their turn signals from inside of my car, but I'm pretty sure that doesn't count since they can't hear me.

But I digress. As time continues, I've realized that I need to let go. And that I need to voice my needs and wants. And that if I want to really thrive, I need to let God come into my life. I need Him to control my relationships, my job, my faith, and my blog. Only He has the power to change people. I may want people to change, but ultimately, the only person I can change is myself.

So in an effort to live life freely and worry-free, I'm choosing to let go and let God.

What are YOU choosing?

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