April 25, 2016


Seeing drawings made by kids. Can't you just feel the love in that drawing?

When a little one runs up from behind to give you a hug and you thank her for her "surprise hug." She then runs off and comes back a few seconds later to inform you that it was not a surprise hug but just a plain hug. And you thank her for that hug, too.

When kids raise their hand and tell you they smell like cheese. And then a few weeks later, their jacket smells like old cheese, too.

And when kids tell you they gave someone a pair of "really sweet pants."

Or when kids tell you that "underwear is really important." Why yes, yes it us. 

We had a theme about jobs a month or so ago and when asked what teachers do, a child quickly replied that teachers "tell you what to do." Which encouraged another child to chime in with, "Yeah, teachers get you in trouble if you're doing the wrong thing." That's one way of putting it! 

When kids smell the air (or just straight up smell your arms/hand) and tell you that "you always smell good" and "smell like candy."

Doing a taste test activity and watching kids taste lemons. Their reactions are quite literally priceless. 

If you want to know what I actually do all day--here's a glimpse into my daily life!

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