May 9, 2016


Every few months I do a little blog cleaning. I'll go through my list of daily reads, organize the bookmarks (anyone else prefer bookmarks over blog readers?) and try and find some new blogs to read. 

If you're like me, you likely have some sort of criteria that has to be met in order for a blog to be worth your time and energy. Not because it's a clique, but because I know we're all busy people and blogging isn't necessarily our first priority in life.

For me, a keeper in the blogging community is someone who is honest, vulnerable, Jesus-loving, and real. I crave authenticity. I crave real stories. And I crave vulnerability.

Being the thinker, I spent some time on Sunday evening thinking about why I crave these things. Why do I want to read posts that make me cry or shout amen? Why do I want to read about people's weaknesses and struggles? Why do I want to see the rawness of life?

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I need to see the imperfections of life. It's great to see the good stuff, trust me, I get that. We need to see the good in the world, we need to be seekers of joy. But I believe in balance and I believe that life isn't about finding the good when we've reached the highest mountain tops. It's about finding the good in the deepest valleys, too.

We've got to share life. We've got to be real. We've got to be brave. 

We need it because we need to see that we're not alone in this journey called life. We need to know that we're not the only ones thinking those anxious thoughts, shedding tears during our prayer time, and finding it hard to trust when our futures seem so unknown.

So if you're feeling timid to hit publish on a post, I encourage you to pray over it and to remember that we need to hear that story. We need to hear it because you're the only one who can share it. 

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