May 18, 2016


1. Rainfall in May after a week of 80 degree weather. Talk about refreshing!

2. Going running with my dad. Never did I ever think I'd go running with him but I've found that I actually enjoy running with people (but I still need to go running by myself on occasion, too).

3. Honeydew melon. Enough said.

4. Realizing that no matter what happens, God's there, ready to pick me up and bring me to bigger and better things.

5. Taking photos of the kids at work. They make even the dreariest of days so much brighter.

6. Thinking about classes that I'd like to take in the summer (floral design, calligraphy, photography, to name a few!).

7. Texting blog friends. Why didn't this happen sooner?

8. Watching these Youtube videos. 

9. Ordering new glasses. It's about time! 

10. Counting down the days until summer. We're almost there, my fellow teachers!

What little things are you enjoying today?

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