June 13, 2016


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I've always liked surprises. Well, let me take that one back. I've always enjoyed good surprises. I love it when I find a handwritten letter in the mailbox or a random text from a friend. Or a hug from a kiddo at work. And I really like it when I get a surprise gift, too.

But I've never been a big fan of letting go and accepting surprises with the bigger things in life like education, work, and love. The planner in me wants to plan out every last detail when it comes to my life and when God doesn't reveal it to me, I get frustrated and start to lose hope.

But the longer I'm here, living life on earth, the more I realize how much beauty there is in the unknown. How surprises are good, even if they don't come wrapped in pretty packaging.

It may be hard to believe, but there's beauty in knowing and trusting in His plans and being surprised when you least expect it. There's beauty in knowing that you can live freely because He's got you in His hands and that He only wants the best for you, too. There's beauty in knowing that you never know when one season of life will end and another will begin.

So if you're like me, waiting for a ring on your finger, a change in your Facebook relationship status, or a return call from a date over the weekend, I encourage--and challenge!--you to rest in the unknown and savor the moment you're living in.

You have no idea when things will change. So take a moment to fall in love with what God's put in front of you and where you are in life. There's nothing to be ashamed of, just love and freedom from trusting in Him.

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