June 8, 2016


PLANNING a quick trip to California with my mom to visit/help her parents. My mom and I have never gone on a trip with just the two of us so I'm looking forward to the time I get to spend just with her!

ENJOYING the last few days of preschool. I can't believe we're already in the single digits before summer!

BUYING books! I go through seasons in life when I'm obsessed with reading and the upcoming summer break means afternoons reading outside and reading late into the night, too. Do you have any recommendations?

LOOKING FOR salad ideas! I've been eating two different salads lately and I'm looking for more! The first has spinach/greens, grilled pesto chicken, feta, and cucumber. And I also love any sort of TexMex salad with black beans, roasted veggies, greens, salsa, and corn. But I'm looking for more ideas if you have any!

WATCHING Fixer Upper. Why didn't I start watching Chip and Joanna sooner?

SNACKING ON roasted coconut chips from Trader Joe's. Along with pistachios. And dried berries. And Trader Joe's reduced guilt spinach + kale greek yogurt dip. I pretty much love that store.

COOKING The Pioneer Woman's Beautiful Roasted Veggies. The roasted eggplant is delicious (and feel free to add in/substitute any veggies you'd like--carrots, green beans, and butternut squash).

LISTENING TO Meghan Trainor. Taylor Swift. And Hillsong United. All on repeat (it's an interesting collection, right?).

SMELLING roses. They're blooming already!

What are you up to this month?

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