June 1, 2016


You know you're losing it and it's the end of the year when you find you've created two of the same posts. But at least the photos are different? Anyway, the month of May was good. I know I say this about every month, but I know that there's goodness to be found if you're willing to take a moment and find it. I learned that you just never know what will happen next in life and that surprises are literally found when you turn a corner--but more on that, later.

I hiked a mountain this past weekend and loved that the climb was so worth the views. I'm already excited to climb more this summer!

I learned that time moves by very fast. Graduation for the preschoolers is coming up in the next few weeks and I'm already in denial that many of them are off to kindergarten in the fall. I mean, weren't they just learning how to sit down and raise their hands at the carpet?

I noticed just how early the flowers are blooming this year. It's crazyyyyy.

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