June 22, 2016


I owe you all an apology for dropping the ball with The Circle. But with life and work and well, no actual valid excuse, I've found myself putting my blog on the backburner. I'm sure that's no surprise to you loyal friends, but it's the truth.

The Circle has and will always be close to my heart. I started the link-up back three years ago this month and have met so many wonderful bloggers and found myself embracing the blogging community even more. I loved how each month brought a new topic, co-host, and chance to connect.

It amazed me that it lasted this long, to be honest. I never expected it to.

So it hurts to write this, but I know I need to. 

Like everything in life, there are seasons. And as I found myself taking an unexpected break from The Circle, I realized that I needed it. The Circle was becoming more work than it was enjoyment. I found myself scrambling more often than I was planning. I still thoroughly enjoyed the link-ups, reading the posts, and brainstorming with co-hosts, but that spark that was there in 2013 when I first started was no longer there.

This blog will still be here, forever and always. The Circle will always be a part of my heart, too. It's how I met and deepened so many blogging friendships. But I also know that there are times in life when it's better to let go and see what's behind the next door--I've learned that in more ways than I can count this year.

I need and way to say a special thank you to all who participated. All who co-hosted with me. All who signed up for the email notifications and corrected me when I got dates wrong. And for every single one of you who cheered me on with this link-up. Your blog comments and emails were the encouragement I needed to keep going and they still keep me going, too.

And here's to new journeys, new adventures, and new stories. 

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