July 18, 2016


EATING frozen bananas. They seem lame, but they're so good! I slice them up and sometimes add in a few other frozen berries for a healthy afternoon snack.

WRITING in my journals. I have three different journals (my blog being one of them) and each of them serve a very different--but good--purpose.

HOPING TO see more sunsets, eat more picnics, and take more photos.

MISSING the coast/beach. Take me back, please??? 

LISTENING TO podcasts upon podcasts. Aside from church sermons, my favorite podcasts include Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, Young House Love, and the Lively Show. Got any others to recommend?

REMINDING MYSELF TO stop worrying so much. And stop letting worry be my first reaction to everything.

WATCHING these quick celebrity interviews. They're surprisingly fascinating!

ENJOYING the chance to take mid-afternoon naps. They should be a daily occurrence, right?

What are you up to this month?

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