August 31, 2016


August. Heat. Grilling. Family road trips. A chance to relax on the coast. And lots of biking, running, and morning walks, too. Oh, and chips and salsa and ice-cold watermelon. Who can forget about those summer staples?

August also brought the chance to be a tourist in my own home state, which is one my most favorite things to do. There's so much to explore and see and experience--plus it's a lot cheaper than flying! I loved the change of pace in the small farming town we stayed in. My mom and I ran in the mornings and were greeted by the sound of roosters, donkeys, cows, and dogs. We stayed in a house surrounded by pear orchards. Every day we drove to different farm stands and tasted all of the different peaches and pears the PNW has to offer. And we chased sunsets with my camera, too. As I feel God calling me to savor this season, be present, and be still, it was just the weekend getaway I needed.

Aside from that, August inspired me to write. Writing has always been a part of me, but this month I've found myself setting aside time each afternoon (especially when it's too hot to go outside!) to write. I've actually started a new writing project and it's been such a healing and refreshing adventure so far!

September is going to be a whirlwind, that I know for sure. But as much as I love summer, I also miss the routine that comes with September. I get to see my kids again and fall is coming soon. Boots and cardigans, I'm coming for ya!

What did you learn, see, and do this month?

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