August 15, 2016


I wore a dress for no reason whatsoever except for the fact that it was a scorching 95 degrees outside and I didn't feel like wearing a tee and denim shorts again.

And there was something so empowering about wearing that dress. I felt confident and had an extra pep in my step. I felt pretty, which is something I hardly ever feel. And all that took was a simple cotton dress that I snatched off of ThredUp.

I've never been brave and yet this season of life has challenged me to be braver, to challenge myself, and to expand my horizons. So I've decided to do one thing that scares me once a week. It could be as simple as (finally) scheduling that overdue dentist appointment (anyone else slightly afraid of getting cavities filled?), as little as trying a challenging cooking technique in the kitchen, or something as easy (or not-so-easy) as doing a few more burpees or running that extra mile in your workout.

I don't want to live in fear anymore. And I don't want to feel like I can tackle challenges when I'm with someone else by my side. Because, in all honesty, I don't need someone to cheer me on and do the scary things with me because I've got Jesus.

So I'm choosing to do those little things that scare me. One thing, each week and if it takes some faking of bravery, then I'll take it. And if I run out of scary things to tackle, then I'll likely reach out to you for ideas and suggestions (just please don't suggest jumping out of a plane--I'm not ready for that one yet!).

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