September 19, 2016


Oh, those purple walls. I picked that color back in middle school (yes, you read that right!) when I was into pastels and everything purple. Shortly after, I switched to loving hot pink and orange (as evidenced by that Starburst covered light switch cover!). And then college came around and I switched to all things neutral, especially white and grey. And now I'm still all about those neutrals, but with pops of pink, gold, and peacock blue.

I guess you could say that I've evolved when it comes to taste in color and interior design. 

But even though I changed duvet covers and curtains, those purple walls stayed the same. They were with me through all the changes in school, all the changes in interior design trends, and all the changes in life. There are a lot of moments that those purple walls lived through.

I've wanted to repaint those walls for yearrrrrrs. But I told myself that it wasn't worth it. "Someday I'll get married and won't live in this room anymore," I told myself. And with a fear of change and indecisive nature, I couldn't justify buying paint when I couldn't decide on a color. White? Grey? Blue? Something bold? Something light?

But as the years went on, the one color my eyes fell back on time and time again was grey. There was something warm, something light, and something calming about grey.

So I trekked to Home Depot, snagged a handful of paint chips and settled on a color. And as the last week of summer came around, I bought two gallons of paint, a few tarps and brushes, and painted those walls while listening to a lot of worship music. The process was relaxing and rejuvenating. I found myself feeling like my room was coming to life.

I won't lie. At first, I hated the color. It looked too blue, too purple, and definitely not grey. But I told myself to sleep on it. So I did. And as the days progressed, I found myself falling more and more in love with it. The room looks brighter, looks airier, and looks more like me.

This space defines me. It ma
rks a space of change. A space of refuge. And a space that reminds me that change is good. This room is refreshing and complete--something that I've needed to do for a long time coming.

Oh, and that corner gallery wall? My favorite place of all.

p.s. If you're curious, nearly everything I own is from IKEA (the white and gold frames, faux plants, the desk chair, the plants, the desk and bookshelf, the utility cart, and the curtains to name a few!).

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