October 10, 2016


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My favorite thing to do on roadtrips is nap, spend time inside my head thinking, and listen to music and podcasts. So I guess you could say, I'm fairly quiet when it comes to roadtrips and car rides.

But as I've spent time reflecting these past few weeks, I realized I'm a backseat driver when it comes to my faith and relationship with Jesus. And by backseat driver, I mean an annoying, pestering kind of backseat driver that doesn't know how to stop asking "Are we there yet?"

I want to know when this season of singleness will be over. I want to know what job I'll have in the future. I want to know and I often want to know that instant, under my timing and schedule. 

But you know that element of surprise you feel when you get to your destination sooner than you thought? How much shorter and sweeter roadtrips are when you simply go along for the ride, enjoying the music, conversations, and most importantly, the roadtrip snacks that come with it? 

I think there's something to be said about doing the same with your faith. To stop asking what's next, to stop asking when things will occur, and to stop expecting God to change His course when you ask. It's humbling and scary, but it's also what God wants. It means letting go, releasing control, and learning to enjoy the ride, no matter how long or short it may be. 

So I'm learning to fasten my seatbelt, sit back, and look out my window to see where God takes me next. It's freeing to be able to enjoy the life God's given me now.

And as Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan put it, "God designed us for adventure because He knew following Him would be one" (Wild and Free, pg 15). "And where we're going is golden and good" (pg 230).

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