October 24, 2016


There's something about the word "challenge" that's more exciting to me than "goals." But maybe it's because I've never been much of a goal person. Don't get me wrong, I love to make goals (because, lists!), but I rarely follow through with them because I'll either forget I made them or I'll come up with better ones, making my lists ten times longer and ten times more daunting to get done.

So instead of goals, I'm going to be documenting the challenges that I tackle and overcome. I won't be sharing ones that I hope to do (because, goals) but I will be documenting the ones that I've tackled already. Some of you will laugh at the challenges I've overcome, but for me, they all involve some level of bravery and courage that I hope to see more of in my life. 

1. Drove new places. Up until this past year, I was not a fan of driving. In fact, just the idea of driving made me cringe (and I'll still gladly park blocks away than parallel park). But I've been driving more and have come to actually love it. Which definitely means more roadtrips and adventures in the future. 

2. Put together furniture + painted those purple walls. Yep, totally adulting over here. But there's something to be said about successfully putting together new furniture, especially when you've assembled a simple shelf incorrectly in the past (I don't even know how I managed to do that one). 

3. Explored new neighborhoods. Whether it's walking, running, or biking, I've been loving the chance to listen to podcasts, stretch my legs, and admire cute houses, too!

4. Took (and still taking) a break from dating. You'd think it would involve more fear to enter the dating world, but it's been a challenge for me to embrace this season and to challenge myself to continue with it, no matter how much I want to be in a relationship. More about that here.

5. Began hunting for new recipes. I've been obsessed with sweet potatoes and pears and have been on a salad making, potato roasting, and cookbook reading craze lately. And so far, my lunches at work have been so much tastier as a result.

What challenges have you overcome? How do you muster up courage and bravery?

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