October 31, 2016


October was one of the rainiest months we've had in a long time. There were more days when my rainboots were on my feet (sometimes all day when at work!) than I can remember. There was lots of puddle jumping, muddy footprints, and lots and lots of wet sand in the classroom.

And those grey skies matched some of my grey days. Making big decisions never comes easy for me and I struggle with finding peace in the unknown. But I find that I'm worrying less about the decisions I make and I know it's because my trust in Him is getting stronger and stronger with each day.

I also found that I'm still learning what rest means, too. I somehow made my bad knee unhappy and had to take a break from running (which was like telling a dog they can't go play fetch). I'm pretty sure my family's happy that I can go back to running now.

So here's to running. To taking snapshots of the raindrops on leaves (can you tell I'm slightly obsessed with taking photos of water?). And to finding the light in the grey skies.

What did you learn, see, and do this month?

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