November 14, 2016


READING Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown, the book of Ephesians, and Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst.

HOPING FOR a cozy holiday season. I'm (not so) secretly wishlisting a chunky knit throw that I can wear as a bathrobe around the house when it's cold out. I know I'll look like a nerd, but throws are so much cooler than bathrobes, right?

LISTENING TO Lauren Daigle on repeat. This girl's voice and lyrics sing just what my heart needs to hear.

RESEARCHING skincare. I had no idea just how much there is to know--and how many things I was doing wrong. And Googling it all has made me feel so much older, too.

ENJOYING singleness. More on this later, but I'm (for the first time in my life!!) actually loving this season and am not quite ready for it to end yet.

LEARNING FROM Hannah Brencher. Guys, if you aren't reading your blog, you mussssst. This girl must speak my writing love language because she's all heart, all authenticity, and all about Jesus.

LOVING Trader Joe's. From their fresh flowers, to their face soap/lotion, seasonal goodies, and greeting cards, this store has got my whole entire heart.

What are you up to this month?

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