December 5, 2016


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I've never thought of myself as a music lover. Growing up, I always thought that music lovers had to look a certain way, walk a certain way, and well, listen to certain music. You know, the ones who would walk down the street with their headphones on, nodding their head to the beat of their music, and listening to the latest and greatest (or even the indie artists).

I think we all know that I'm not one of those people. But that doesn't mean I haven't come to appreciate music more as the years go on. As I think about some of the most significant and memorable moments in my life, I've realized music was a part of it all. 

As a child, music was the way I memorized Bible verses, using random made-up tunes to remember verses. Nowadays, Sunday worship is one of my most craved times during the week. I believe in the power of sermons and learning through my pastor, but my heart needs worship as a time to tune my heart to Him. 

Summertime road trips are now incomplete without my curated playlists. I keep a Roadtrip and a Sing Along playlist on my phone at all times just in case there's an impromptu trip that requires some Taylor Swift or Meghan Trainor.

I've also found myself needing music to write and create. Whether I'm cooking in the kitchen or typing away on my laptop, creativity is incomplete without some Pandora streaming through my earbuds or speakers. 

Both of my boyfriends somehow knew my love for music, too (even though I didn't at the time!). They both created playlists for me for gifts or played while in the car on dates. It wasn't just the music and lyrics that I appreciated, but knowing that time and thought was put into making each playlist as well. 

And it's not just listening to music, either. Music is more than just a listening experience for me. I've realized I rely on music to process events and thoughts in my life. The times when I want to play my viola most are when I'm in the need of a creative outlet and need to get my fingers moving and my brain working. Playing music--a combination of classical sonatas and covers of pop songs--has brought me so much peace and has helped me clear my mind of worries and fears, too. 

Driving in the car and running have also provided me with the chance to plug in to music, too. There's something about exploring that goes hand in hand with singing along or listening to music. Music is a moody, emotional experience and something that I never realized was so important to me. 

But I'm so very glad it is. 

p.s. Want to know some of my fave music artists/songs? Here's a list, in no particular order:

22 and Red | Taylor Swift 
Oceans and Touch the Sky | Hillsong United
You Make Me Brave | Amanda Cook and Bethel Music
Come Alive and Power to Redeem | Lauren Daigle
Can't Stop The Feeling | Justin Timberlake
Air I Breathe | Mat Kearney
A Thousand Years | Christina Perri
Eye of the Storm | Ryan Stevenson
Come as You are | Crowder
I Won't Give Up | Jason Mraz
Like I'm Gonna Lose You | Meghan Trainor
My Lighthouse | Rend Collective
It is Well with My Soul | Audrey Assad

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