January 30, 2017


So much of January was filled with learning. And I'm grateful for all of it. I've been doing a lot of praying lately--asking specifically for God to grow in me. And God's faithfulness and provision came through in many ways this month.

As I get older, the more and more I'm asking for change, something I never welcomed in my life before. But change is what changes me and I want to grow and stop being comfortable in my ways. The changes are small, but are impacting me and helping me feel better about myself. I'm learning what it means to truly love myself, to love where I'm at, and to focus my love on God first (as opposed to humans and human approval).

January brought more snow/ice, snow days, and lots of naps. I went running in the below-freezing snowfall more than once (running on ice makes for cold feet and a much slower pace!) and spent some time exploring a Portland, too. I picked a new word for the year, got back into blogging again (once a week is where it's at, haha), and turned another year older. My birthday isn't a big celebration as much as it is a time for me to reflect.

And reflection led me to Jesus. My tendency is to try and plan out my next year of life, but I'm slowly (but surely) finding peace in the unknown. These changes are not complete, nor am I perfect, but finding this peace has brought me so much rest and calm--something I've never experienced before.

What did you learn/eat/see/do this month?

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