January 23, 2017


Sure, it's the end of January, but in the spirit of goal-making, organization and workout gear sales, and all of the "go get 'em" attitudes we've got swirling around our brains, I've decided to go the opposite direction (or should I say speed?) and take a moment to create a wishlist for 2017. I could write up a bunch of things I wish or would like to have happen this year, but instead, my wishes are more about the feelings and the outlook I hope to have in the coming months and seasons.

2017, I hope you are filled to the brim with adventures. I hope to say "yes" to more experiences, more plane tickets, and more sightseeing. They always say that single twenty-somethings should travel more and maybe, just maybe, this is the year for that (if you have recommendations, send them my way!).

2017, I hope you are filled with more reflection and creativity. I hope to write more from the heart, and less from necessity. I hope to take more photographs so I can capture the little things in life--the things that are the most important. And I hope to take time to document each season, each feeling, each fleeting moment so I can remember it in years to come.

2017, I hope you are filled with love and cultivation. I hope to cultivate more friendships, more recipes and cooking skills, and more time with God. I want to grow, I want to expand my knowledge, and I want to challenge myself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, too. I want the love that He's filled in my heart to be on fire for others, for myself, and for the life I've been given.

2017, I know you will be full. I mean, I already know that you're full of the unknown! But no matter what happens, I hope that I will be grateful for each moment, each adventure, and each prayer that you bring into my life.

2017, let's go get 'em. 

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