February 27, 2017


Oh, February. You were quiet and still yet quick to come and go.

To be honest, February tends to be one of the harder months for me. All of the jewelry commercials, all of the coupling up, it gets hard. My prayers this month were mostly focused on singleness with prayers filled with my desperate need for Him,

February, you taught me to truly accept my need for Him. You helped me find joy in the little moments. There were so many moments when my preschoolers made me laugh until I cried and so many moments when their smiles warmed up my heart.

This month also brought about weekly hiking excursions (a favorite Saturday tradition) and the chance to explore the outdoors. My mom continues to laugh at how much I've changed as I get older. There are prints and framed artwork that display my love for the outdoors and I've got dresses filling my closet. She thinks it's hilarious that I've changed so much--but in a good way. And I can't help but be grateful that she's noticed how much I've changed, too.

What did you notice/learn/see/do this month?

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