March 27, 2017


What a whirlwind of a month. March was a bit of a mishmash, to say the least. One day it was snowing (we got over four inches overnight!) and then by the end of that same week, we had sunny weather with a high of nearly 60 degrees.

I kind of felt like that's how this month went, too. It was fast and furious and I'm glad that it all ended with Spring Break. Rest is something I'm learning more and more that I cannot take for granted and so this week--while it's been busy--is all about resting and enjoying the time off from work.

Aside from that, I'm trying a few new recipes here and there (kale + pesto pizza!), listening to spending sunny Sunday afternoons reading outside, obsessing with bell peppers and hummus, buying out Trader Joe's greeting cards, and trying to be more intentional about what I eat.

What have you been up to lately?

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