March 6, 2017


If you've spent enough time with me (or my blog), you'll probably agree that I'm a grandma at heart. I've taken all those quizzes and they seem to agree with me, too. It's something that used to get me called "Mrs. Serious" in elementary school, but now I'm embracing my old soul personality with open arms.

My heart beats differently than most. I think a lot of twenty-somethings are focused on travel and ambition and success. I had my share of that and I'm looking for comfort, intimacy (in the form of authenticity and deep conversations), and reflection.

I find myself craving the forest the older I get. There's something about the old growth trees, the trodden dirt paths, the fog that rests on the tops of the evergreens that gets me. The air is calm and quiet--something that gets lost in the busyness of schedules, work, and routines during the work week.

But the forest, it gets me. 

And so I'm learning to embrace my desire to take naps on Sunday afternoons and stay home after the sun goes down at night. To be proud of my desire to go to bed early just so I can curl up with a book before bed. And to have fewer, but richer relationships with those around me. I'm embracing my desire to be connected with myself, my heart, my soul. And I'm learning that the relationship I need most in my life is the one I have with Jesus.

Old souls are misunderstood. But if you ask me, they're the ones that hold the most secrets, the most gut, and the most grit. They're the souls that are the most beautiful because they see the value in the little things in life. Not the bright and shiny, but the tattered and worn.

And that's what beauty is all about. Finding it, embracing it, and loving it for what it is, not what it's not.

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