March 20, 2017


I'm trying to be more and more intentional about how I spend my time. I want to savor it, remember the little details, and be grateful for the time I do have. I have the freedom to spend my time as I please, for the most part. Sure, I go to work, but I've chosen that job. And I get to choose how I spend my waking hours (even if it means spending a few of the afternoon hours napping!).

So here's a list of some of my daily/weekly rituals, the routines that I've created. And ultimately, the things I want to savor because these rituals could soon disappear as other rituals, routines, and changes occur in life.

1 // RISING EARLY. Sure, a 5:20AM alarm is brutal, but carving in just a little bit of me time before the work day gets started has helped me in more ways than one. I wake-up before the house gets busy, I get in a little yoga or pilates, and then take a morning shower to help get my day started.

2 // WEEKEND MEAL PREP. Cooking has become one of my favorite activities. I love the mundane tasks of washing and chopping fruits and vegetables, finding new recipes for lunch, and even grocery shopping every week. I wouldn't call myself a seasoned cook by any means, but I've loved learning new skills and challenging myself in the kitchen.

3 // SATURDAY MORNING RUNS. Sliding on my running shoes each Saturday brings a lot of joy, freedom, and fresh air. I try and go running after work, but with the sun setting so early, it often makes it hard, especially during the winter. So Saturday mornings are my running days and those 3+ mile runs are my time to spend listening to podcasts/music, making my heart beat a little faster, and letting my feet pound the sidewalk.

4 // NIGHTLY QUIET TIME. This is one of my longest-standing routines. I end every day journaling, digging into the Word, praying, and reading. I'll often play music in the background (music is definitely a constant in my life, if you didn't notice it by now) and just reflect on the day. It's the perfect way to de-stress, relax, and find rest after a long day.

5 // WEEKLY FACE MASKS. I just started doing this this month and it's been a fun way to learn more about skincare and take time (plus make time!) for myself. I'll often use a nutmeg, cinnamon, and raw honey mask which is just as sweet smelling as it sounds!

6 // SUNDAY CHURCH. It may not seem like a routine, but church is one of the things I look forward to most each weekend. I need the soul reset from worshipping, the heart-changing sermons, the time chatting with my church family, and reading to the little kids in the Sunday School class I teach, too.

What are your rituals and routines? Do you ever think about starting new ones and getting rid of old ones?

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