June 28, 2017


One of the best parts about my job is being able to learn alongside a classroom of preschoolers all day long. Some may call it exhausting (which it is!) but it's also one of the craziest, yet most rewarding jobs out there.

This past school year, I had a little girl in my class who quickly stole a piece of my heart. She may have special needs but she is one of the strongest and most determined kids I've met in my four years of teaching (and also the sneakiest!). She's pushed my buttons, I've pushed hers, and together we became an inseparable duo.

A few months back, she started playing a game where she would try and trick me by excitedly exclaiming "LOOK UP!" She loved watching me look all around, trying to guess what she was referring to. We'd play that game over and over again and she'd smile each time.

I don't know how many times we ended up playing that game, but her voice, that simple phrase hasn't left the back of my mind (and heart) since.

2017 is a season of waiting, a season of practicing patience, and a season of planting. It's been a long one. There have been days where I've longed for last year's harvest or begged for the flowers to finally bloom--wishing and hoping that it'll finally be my time.

When that sweet little one told me to LOOK UP, I knew it was a God moment. One of those moments where God speaks through and to my heart and I'm humbled in the process.

Looking up is more than just turning my head. It's about changing my perspective and reminding myself that even though I cannot see what lies ahead, His plans are GOOD. His faithfulness is true. And His love for me never ends.

Looking up is a chance to see things from His perspective. To remind myself that He is the Creator, the Author of my life story. I'm not the One in control, but rather, I'm the one who gets to wake up each morning and find beauty in His creation. It's a chance to remind myself that there's always a bigger picture and that today's circumstances are a chance to give Him the glory.

I never did find out what she was talking about when she told me to LOOK UP! but I know that it wasn't about the object or the finish line, but the mind shift and the change of perspective. 

It's the journey, the process, and the waiting that makes the harvest the most worth it, right?

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