June 12, 2017


It's been awhile since I've taken the time to sit down and write. To let the words move from inside my mind and heart and out onto the page, through the tipping and tapping of my fingers. It's been so long that it almost feels a little foreign, to be honest.

Through the time away from blogging, I've been living my days as a routine, just trying to make it through each day. The days are long around here, as the season is for most teachers (September and June are craaaazzy!) and I haven't made the necessary time for myself as I should be.

But as the year comes to a close, I've found myself continuing to change, move, and grow. There's a dream that's become more and more of a possible life change on the horizon and I feel it starting to bud as we enter into summertime.

I haven't actually told anyone yet but it's been a part of my daily conversations with God and I feel Him tugging at my heart to move forward in a dream I never thought of pursuing by myself. It scares me just as much as it excites me. And it intrigues me and feels right, even though I know it will be tough.

Change is something I've never been good at. I'm the homebody, the grandma of my group of friends. I'm the one who likes to stay safe and remain in the background--never the spotlight. Sometimes, however, life calls you to take steps of faith. To move forward into the scary unknown and pursue something you never thought could/would be possible.

So I'm taking it all one step at a time. Remembering that slow and steady can win the race, that I would much rather pursue this dream with intention and patience instead of rushing around trying to get things done.

I don't know if/when it will become a reality and how I'll share it on here, but I'm excited to continue praying for open doors and an obedient heart.

So tell me, what are you dreaming, praying, or writing about lately???

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