August 28, 2017


Dear August,

What a sweet, surprising month you were. You brought the solar eclipse, a few fun day-trip adventures, and a few first dates, too (which are for another blog post on another day...).

I feel like the solar eclipse was at the center of it all, to be honest. If you live in the path of totality, you know what I mean. People called it the apoc-eclipse and were pretty much preparing for a huge disaster (which someone accurately likened to Y2K). To be honest, I'm mostly glad it's over (all the hype and preparation was crazy!) but it really was a beautiful sight to see and I'm grateful to have seen it from the comfort of my own backyard.

I also got to experience mountain air, lake views, coastal waves, and garden flowers--and made sure to soak up the last month of sweet, sweet summertime. August brought a new-found determination to truly prioritize self-care, something that I've needed and wanted to do for years but have never put any effort into (this year will be different!). August reminded me that there's always time to practice gratitude. And that I still struggle with surrendering on a daily basis.

The weather has cooled down a bit, allowing me to dip my toes into fall and I'm pretty excited. My sweaters are calling, my boots are polished, and I'm ready to get back into the classroom--with kids, this time.

But August, I'm most of all grateful that I had these past few months to remind me of who I am, what I love, and where my heart resides.

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