August 7, 2017


Oh, July. You were so very, very good to me. One of the greatest gifts you gave me was the gift of the present. June was a rough one, transitioning into summer and all. But July slowed me down--partially because of the heat--and helped me get into the rhythms of summer.

Late evenings. Morning walks. Podcasts and worship music on repeat. Beach trips. Jigsaw puzzles. Tanner arms. Athletic shorts and tees. Hiking with friends. Exploring nearby cities. Afternoon naps. Typing away on my computer. Grilling new foods. And watching Netflix, too.

July taught me that I'm prone to stubbornness and pride (it's humbling to be reminded of your sin, right?). That I have a hard time letting go of the past and tentative of the future. July reminded me that I will never stop learning and growing in my faith and that I love challenges. Lastly, July piqued my interest in learning to curl my stubborn thick hair--it'll be challenge, for sure!

The one thing I've craved most this summer is berry picking. It's a staple in the PNW and I have yet to go picking beyond my backyard blueberry bushes (and strawberry picking in June). I'm on the lookout for some marionberries or blackberries and I won't stop looking until I find a local farm that will fill my stomach with berries and make my fingers turn a nice shade of purple.

What did you learn/see/do in July?

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