September 18, 2017


Last year, I found myself laying on the carpeted floor of my classroom taking photos of block towers. If I hadn't included the word "classroom" in that sentence, I'm sure you all would be scratching your heads (or maybe you still are?). But I didn't do this to marvel at my own work, but in an attempt to connect with a quiet boy in my classroom who took a liking to stacking foam blocks.

This little boy built with precision, taking the time needed to balance his blocks and wait until each layer stopped wavering before adding another. His determination and patience brought success and seeing the smile on his face was worth laying down on the sand-covered carpet.

One of the sermons I listened to mentioned the concept of trust in the wait. The pastor described the idea that it's in the waiting that trust can be built, especially in relationships. When a couple chooses not to cross physical boundaries, they are building trust with one another to wait until marriage. By waiting, they're saying that their loved one is worth the wait.

Like the foam blocks, it was the waiting before the addition of a new block that allowed for a strong foundation and taller tower. And in life, it's in the waiting that our foundation is built and strengthened.

We have a choice when things get tricky or tempting. We can hurry, crossing our fingers that nothing will tip over, fully knowing that sin is a slippery slope. Or we can wait and slow down, remembering that it's in the wait that we can find trust.

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