September 11, 2017


A few weeks ago, my sister and I had the opportunity to take a yoga class together. Considering our tricky work schedules, we rarely have time to do things together (unless it's a quick grocery store run on the weekends).

But this yoga class wasn't your stereotypical incense burning, instrumental music, and calming vibes from your instructor kind of class (and I'm only saying this because I've taken classes just like that in the past). This was an outdoor class with lots of hay...and goats.

My sister and I got there early which turned out to be for the best. We didn't get first pick on a place to put our mats, but we did get to spend time petting and taking photos of the goats first (and for the longest amount of time!).

This course has gone viral (quite literally) and goes beyond just yoga and exercise. It's a chance to get an animal therapy session as well. These goats are people-oriented and have done enough courses now that they know to follow their owner into the tent when the course begins (and they'll lay down next to you throughout the session!).

It was by far the most memorable, most calming, and most fun experience I've had in a long time. And it was such a great chance for me to get outside of my comfort zone, de-stress, and hang out with my sister. And I think it'll be something I'll take my friends to when they visit, too (yes, that means you!).

Have you done something outside of your comfort zone or daily norm lately?

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