September 25, 2017


I bought a two-year subscription to this magazine, because, well, who doesn't love Chip and Jo? I've only received two (long-awaited) issues but they're one of my favorite things to read while sitting outside in my backyard. The articles are well-written, it's aesthetic is beautiful, and it's the perfect light read to bring on a trip.

THE BROKEN WAY | Ann Voskamp
Ann's writing is some of my favorite. She writes with grit and beauty and I'm in awe in how deep and faith-filled each page is. When I read books, I create email drafts that end up filled with some of my favorite quotes and I know that this latest read has the most quotes I've pulled from a book in a long time. This book isn't a quick read, but it's one worth digging into.

CULTIVATE | Lara Casey
I've never read any of Lara's books before, let alone follow her on Instagram, or realized she was the woman behind Powersheets! I added this book to my latest Amazon Prime purchase after seeing all of the hype Cultivate received. I've barely begun, but I already love her writing voice. It's much lighter than Ann's, but in a friend-to-friend way. It's like reading a long email from a long-distance friend and I'm excited to dig into more of it.


GRACELACED | Ruth Chou Simons
Ruth creates some of the most beautiful art and writes some of the best captions on faith, parenting, and life. I've gleaned so much from her on Instagram and I know for a fact this book will challenge me (in a good way!).

LOVE THAT LASTS | Jeff and Alyssa Bethke
Jeff and Alyssa are one of my favorite families to follow online. I love their desire to encourage others, love Jesus, and raise a family well. I've listened to their podcasts, watched their vlogs, but have yet to read any of their books. And I have a feeling this will be a really good first one to read.

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