October 23, 2017


My family and I welcomed fall with a Friday night mountain trip to watch the sun set. We drove up to my favorite spot in town (which I'll gladly take you to if you ever come out to visit!) and found an empty grassy hillside to traipse around until we found the perfect viewpoint.

Even though the air was chilly and the fog was rolling in, the views were jaw-dropping and so worth the evening trek (with winter coats!). We watched the skies change color and the wind move the grass back and forth. The grasshoppers stopped leaping and clung to ferns and branches in the evening breeze. And it was all oddly quiet--but enchanting and peaceful all at the same time.

I don't go up there all that often, but it's the mountains were calling me--and it was the perfect way to welcome fall.

I'm learning to embrace the change, especially the changes in life. I've realized that change is tough, but it always brings something new, something exciting, and something worth enduring. I don't know what changes this fall will bring, but I'm welcoming it all with open arms.

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