October 9, 2017


THINKING ABOUT dyeing my hair??? I've never done this before but have always admired those who do. I've always felt self-conscious to take the leap, but I've been pushing myself to tackle the little things that scare me. After spending some time on Pinterest and Instagram, I've got a really good idea of what I want, I just have to schedule an appointment to do it!

DIGGING INTO the Old Testament. I haven't dug into the first half of the Bible (aside from study plans like She Reads Truth) on my own in a long time. But I have loved following the stories of the old (a new Bible with blank margins helps, too!). Reading through the first few books gave a chance to search for God's presence in it all while knowing I have the hope of Jesus for the future.

LISTENING TO I Am They. I discovered this group on Pandora and can't get enough of their music right now, especially this song

WATCHING Good Mythical Morning. My sister introduced me to this YouTube channel and it's the perfect mindless channel to watch if I want a good laugh. Some of the things they do (okay, everything they do) is a little childish but at least it's clean humor. 

LOOKING FOR a new exercise class to try. I'm thinking about trying either a mat pilates course or a barre class. I've done yoga classes and ballroom dance classes in college and want to try a different course for the winter months when I don't feel like running in the rain/dark. 

FLIPPING THROUGH baking books. I love looking through recipe books, oohing over the gorgeous photos and learning different tricks and tips, too.

What's life like for you currently?

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