November 6, 2017


Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash
There's an older couple in my neighborhood that plays badminton in front of their house each morning. I smile and wave at them, watching as they pass the birdie back and forth on the street.

It's moments like these that make me reflect on my relationships, friendships, and faith. In a culture that encourages Netflix and chill, it's heart-warming to see that there are people out there that enjoy actually enjoy one another's company.

And it's something I look for in my own dating relationships. Faith and friendship. The ability to talk to the other person with ease while also encouraging the other to grow. But communication goes beyond our dating relationships--it's crucial in all aspects of life.

In the past year, I've found myself becoming more and more honest--brutally honest, vulnerable, and open--when it comes to my prayer time. I used to shy away from expressing my emotions with God, stuffing them deep in my heart because I thought I had to come to Him in perfect condition, like an unopened package under the Christmas tree. But that lie led me nowhere and only perpetuated my desire for perfection instead of grace.

Bringing my brokenness, my feelings, and my sins to the table is life-giving, cathartic, and healing in more ways than I can count. Vulnerability not only brings me closer to Him, but it helps me process and ultimately, grow.

I remember back in high school when people at church talked about having Jesus become your best friend. And I think that true friendship evolves when you feel comfortable being your true self in front of another. There's no longer a need to hide your imperfections because you're accepted for who you are.

Seeing that couple enjoy each other's company is a daily reminder to surround myself with those I love, to care for those around me, and to realize I'm always in good company with Him.

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